Jivin' With a Force of Nature

TDCH Jivin' With a Force of Nature, AD, AJ, ISD, SSN, NAJ, HTAD3s, HRDs, STDs, HSAs, HT, BCAT, TKA, ETD

Red and White Female
DOB 9/10/16
Dam: Rave Moy
Sire: Outrun's My Privilege of a Lifetime

18.25" tall, 29lbs

OFA Hips Excellent, Elbows and Shoulders normal, BAER normal, CERF clear

Clear for on the full genetic panel including EOD


Surf is the gorgeous, talented and sweet puppy that we kept of out of our amazing Rave/Priv litter.  She's driven, thoughtful and very clever.  Surf has a very strong desire to please and excels at learning complex tasks.  Her structure is just lovely as well and her ground speed is just incredible.  She's clocked in at 28.81mph running Fast CAT.   She naturally has higher toy drive than food drive and loves nothing more than a game of tug or frisbee.  She has serious natural hops for her disc and is a natural retriever.

Surf absolutely loves working sheep, and it is her passion in life.  She has a ton of natural instinct and talent on sheep and we are learning the ropes together though I am not quite as quick of a study as she is!  I am excited about this new journey she is taking me on and we've started dipping our toes in USBCHA novice classes, placing 1st, 2nd and 4th in our first few times out.  I am hoping we'll be ready for Pro Novice soon.  We continue to work on her agility skills as well and have just started competing.  Surf and all of her littermates are naturally gifted jumpers and tremendous athletes.  Surf also loves lure coursing and will be trying her paws at dock diving as well, as she loves to swim.  She is truly the definition of a versatile dog.  Surf has shown no noise sensitivities and she's a "take anywhere" kind of dog who knows how to behave in any situation she's put in.  By some miracle, despite having some very early bad experiences with other dogs, she's still friendly and happy to meet new doggie pals.  

Surf is ABCA and AKC registered.