Scooter, CGC
DOB 1/16/01-7/7/16

Scooter is a sweet natured, happy go lucky boy.  Scooter was a hunting beagle but he was hit by a car at about a year of age and when his owner was called, he said he'd be right there to shoot the dog since he was no longer of use.  The good samaritan quickly made off with Scooter to the SPCA.  Both of his front legs were fractured into many pieces, damaging the elbow joints.  His prognosis was quite poor but I took him on as a foster to see if he could heal well enough to have a good quality of life, because despite the injuries and pain, Scooter's tail kept waggin and wagging.  Well, clearly Scooter never left!  He was pretty fearful of new people and every potential adopter that came to meet him was greeted the same a scared, barking dog that wouldn't go anywhere near them.  I just think Scooter had other plans!  He's been such a joy and 10 years later, he still wags his tail like crazy.  Pain management is a priority now as his legs must be horribly arthritic and he's slowed down quite a bit.  I can't even imagine how he's used them for so many years, as bad as those fractures were.  He spends his days hunting in the yard, napping and enjoying good food.  He's incredibly affectionate and loves nothing more than to be hugged and pet.