Silver Bullet Sammy

Sammy, PD2, PJCH, PS3, CGC
All American Special
5/1/00 - 6/29/14

I adopted Sammy from the local shelter when she was six months old.  I figured out fairly quickly why she had been turned in.  She was a high, high energy pup with terrible separation anxiety.  Sammy provided me with another opportunity to learn more about dogs and their behavior as we worked through her anxiety and then dog aggression. Because of her high energy, agility seemed like the perfect outlet for her.  Sammy really enjoyed agility and particuarly liked competing, perhaps a bit too much!  She liked trialing on her terms and for the first two years of her trialing career, could often be found zooming around the ring at top speed, oblivious to my presence.  

We finally got our act together in 2005 and became a team on course.  Sammy turned out to be a pro at snooker but distance work was a HUGE challenge.  It took us forever to get that one PII Gamblers leg, but when we finally did, you would have thought she won the world championships!!  Unfortunately she hurt her back at a trial in late 2007.  I tried to rehab her back to trialing form but she's never been quite the same.  She has trialed on a very limited basis the last few years, just for fun since she still enjoys it.  Sammy and I had our last run together in November 2012.  I could hear her grunting loud when she landed after each jump and knew it was time.  

Sammy is the one dog I so wish I could get a do over with.  When she came to me, I had no idea what to do with her drive and over the top arousal levels at trials.  Given the chance, I know we could have accomplished so much more.  But again, she was my teacher and I am so grateful for her lessons.