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Jive was bred by Anne Derby out of her amazing girl Spirit and Beth Wasilewski's fabulous boy Buster.  Jive was truly a dream come true.  She was a perfect dog in every possible way. She was a lot of dog, but her desire to please was incredible.  She was so deeply bonded to me, but also loved other people and all dogs.  Unfortunately, we were only able to share 10 months together, as she contracted a rare water borne fungal type infection called pythiosis.  The disease was so rare that back in 2007, none of the four very experienced vets working on her case had even heard of it.  So it took us too long to diagnose her and by that point it was too late to save her.  Jive was amazing, even while she was sick.   She has an undeniable zest for life, and I knew when the light went out in her eyes, it was time to let her go.  It was one of the most devastating losses of my life and I will always regret not being able to save her.   She set the bar so very high for those who have come after her!

More about pythiosis can be found here: