Daybreak's High on Life

ADCH Bronze Daybreak's High on Life, SACH, TM, OA, OAJ, OF, RS-E, GS-E, JS-E, RN, STDsd, HTD1, HTAD1, CGC
Red Tri Australian Shepherd
3/28/08 - 7/22/18
Neutered Male

What can I say about Rival?  He owns my heart and is quite possibly my perfect dog.  Rival was an "old soul" from the day he was born.  He came to me not long after I lost his half sister, Jive, to a very rare disease.  Because of the timing, I developed an intense bond with him as he helped my heart heal.  

Rival embodies what the Australian Shepherd should be: intelligent, athletic, versatile, biddable and intensely loyal.  He lives to please me and is appropriate in every situation.  He is a retrieving fool and always wants to play.  Rival thinks that life is a big game though and brings tons of enthusiam to any task asked of him!    I put an strong agility foundation on him and he has turned into an exceptional agility dog. I am so very lucky to be able to step to the line with such an eager partner.  Rival has also done a fair bit of herding and shows great ability there as well.  Beyond that, he is a joy to live with and makes me smile all the time.

Rival has mild hip dysplasia so he has been neutered.  You'd never know it though as the boy hasn't put a foot wrong yet so we won't tell him!  Rival came from an outstanding breeder and wonderful parents but as sometimes goes, breeding can be genetic roulette.  

Rival lost a short battle with hemangiosarcoma in July 2018.  He was bitten by a copperhead, and the inflammatory process allowed cancer to emerge and essentially take over his body very, very quickly.  It's an absolutely devastating loss, one that we were not prepared for.  Rival will always been my heart and soul, the dog of a lifetime.  I am so filled with gratitude for the 10 years we shared together, but so longed for more time.

Rival Steeplechase

Rival Masters Standard