Chauncey Pluto Gardener, AX, AXJ, PD1, RA, CCG, TDI
Neutered Male Beagle

Chance is my very first dog and holds a very special place in my heart.  I got him out of the newspaper from a wonderful family and he's been my best friend for almost 17 years now.  Chance has been through so much with me and has tolerated all of the mistakes I've made!   Not only did Chance's presence in my life alter the entire course of it, but he taught me so very much through the years.  His "stubborness" led me to positive dog training and the world of dog sports.  We participated many activities together.  Chance enjoyed agility, though he mostly did it for the rewards at the end of the run!  We also played around with rally, did some therapy dog work and tried our hand at tracking.  Chance was the ultimate puppy socializer when I taught puppy classes and was invaluable when working with aggressive dogs.  Chance is that one in a million dog that you can trust completely with any dog as he reads them so well.

Chance has never been a typical beagle though.  He never had any interest in hunting or rabbits.  He uses his nose quite a bit but not in the same way our other beagles do. Chance has been super bonded to me and he's always had off leash privileges as he never wandered too far.  He was completely ball obsessed and loved nothing more than a game of fetch on land or in the water.  In his younger days, he was an great hiking partner and loved to run alongside my horse when I rode.  Chance and I share an incredibly special relationship, as he's very much a momma's boy.  He has given me so much through the years and now I spend my time trying to make his senior years as enriching, comfortable and happy as possible.  Having Chance in my life has been such an incredible gift!!