About Our Kennel Name

Our kennel prefix is named in honor of Jive.  She was the most beautiful Australian Shepherd and one of the most incredible dogs I have ever known.  Jive was from an incredibly special litter bred by Anne Derby.  I was so honored to be considered for one of these pups and I remember the day I brought that adorable girlie home like it was yesterday.  And I had so many hopes and dreams for our future, but our journey together was cut far too short. 

I shared my life with Jive for less than a year before she succumbed to a very rare disease.  Jive acquired a water borne, fungal-like disease called pythiosis when she was nine months old. It took months to diagnose her and by the time we did, it was just too late to save her. When she died, a piece of my heart went with her.

But in the time we did share, we developed a connection that was beyond words.  Jive was too much dog for most people, but I absolutely adored her energy, enthusiasm and keen desire to work with me.  She loved every person and every dog she met, yet she was intensely bonded to me.  If there ever were a truly perfect dog, it was she.  I named my breeding program after her as to me, she epitomized what an Australian Shepherd should be, and what I hope to produce in the future.  Jive set my standards very high!

Jive's littermates have turned out to be incredible dogs as well.  They are excelling in agility and are adored by their families.  And I am so blessed to have her half brother Rival, because part of her lives on in him.  

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Rest in Peace my most special girlie


Photo by Alissa Behn, Pet Personalities

Photo by Alissa Behn, Pet Personalities