On A Whim And A Bay

Scout, AD, NA, NAJ, RA, CGC
Neutered Male Beagle

Scout was rescued as a pup.  He was a puppy mill/pet shop who deserved much better than what he got in the first three months of his life.  He was almost impossible to house train and I had to get very creative because he had no aversion at all to his eliminations.  Scout is the sweetest, most gentle soul and is a firm pacifist.  He loves everyone and everything though he has a special affection for cats and kids.  Scout loves to work and enjoys agility but just loves obedience.  Too bad I find it so boring!  He's also super fun to train tricks to.

Unfortunately, due to his bad breeding, Scout has some health issues including disc disease, mast cell cancer, a heart murmur and severe allergies.  Now he's my companion most days at work where enjoys hanging out and going for a nice long walk at lunch!