Rave Moy

Rave Moy, AD, NA, OAJ, CGC
Red Merle Border Collie
DOB 9/17/09


Rave is our beautiful foundation bitch. She came from Alison McIntosh at Moyhall Farm. She is out of Astra Bridie (Jersey) and TNT's Southern Blend (Cagen). She's matured into a lovely dog. Rave is a high energy, high drive girlie with a nice off switch. She has a ton of potential in agility though I haven't devoted nearly enough time to her training. She has shown some nice instinct on sheep and absolutely loves working.  I think she would make a useful dog on farm.  Rave is a retrieving fool and could do that for hours. She loves to train and will work for food or toys. She's pretty middle of the road, not too soft but not too hard headed, making her a joy to train. She just loves our shaping sessions and is incredibly operant and quite smart. Rave also really enjoys the water. She's a great swimmer, loves the pool, the waves at the beach and killing the hose.

Rave is incredibly athletic, scaling a 42" baby gate with ease. She is very, very fast and super flexible. She stands 19.50" tall and weighs 36lbs. Her structure is quite good with nice front and rear angulation. She has a nice long back and is very flexible. She's capable of amazing ground speed and has lots of power in her body.

Rave has a super stable temperament.  She is super friendly with people and she absolutely loves children and is so gentle with them.  She is pretty submissive when meeting new dogs yet is completely not reactive when met with aggression .  Within the pack, she is a middle of the pack female and tries to avoid conflict. Rave is perpetually happy, always eager to interact and is very affectionate. She is a very balanced, well rounded girlie who is a pleasure to take anywhere.

Rave is OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Shoulders normal, PennHip 80%, CEA Normal, TNS Normal, IGS Normal, CERF clear, BAER normal and MDR1 -/-. She is ABCA, CBCA and AKC registered. 

After being an incredible momma and giving up 15 amazing puppies, Rave is now spayed.  She still loves the daughters that we kept from her!

At 14 years of age, Rave is still doing well despite limited vision and hearing.  But most definitely enjoying herself in her golden years!


Here is her pedigree: