Jivin' With a Change of Direction

Jivin' With a Change of Direction

Red and White Male 

DOB 8.18.22

Dam:  Jivin' With a Force of Nature

Sire: TBC Thomas Luther

20" and 38lbs

Tack is my amazing puppy out of the wonderful Surf and Tommy litter.  This little boy told me from a very early age that he was born to be my dog, and while I tried to keep an open mind, he very clearly knew he was staying right here.  I absolutely adore his confident, self assured nature and his happy go lucky personality.  He is focused, connected and so very playful.  I look forward to seeing where our journey takes us!

At a year of age, Tack is proving to be talented at everything he tries his paw at.  Herding is his passion, and he has such a natural feel for his stock.  He has a good amount of eye, a nice sense of balance and works wide off the stock.  He'll work any stock put in front of him, which is very fun .  Tack gives his all in every task asked of him, but always remains clear headed.  He has only had some foundation work in agility, but he absolutely loves it.  He's also keep on dock diving and thinks the little bit of frisbee we've played is super fun.

Tack's temperament is delightful, he's been a super easy yet very fun puppy to raise.  He adores all people, yet absolutely lives to please me and be told he's a good boy.  He is good with other dogs, is a natural retriever and has a killer off switch.  He's an easy going dog to take new places and travels really well.