Sweet Red Bliss

Sweet Red Bliss, AAD, JCH, OA, AXJ, RA, CGC
Red Merle Mini Aussie
2/18/03 - 5/4/18

Bliss is a sweet, affectionate, fun loving girl who is a joy to be around.  She is also very, very soft and sensitive.  Bliss loves agility but a bad experience at her very first trial set the tone for her entire career.  When I stepped to the line with her, I never knew which dog I was running.  The environment often dictated her mood on course and I tried so very hard to help her work through her issues.  Sometimes she ran fast and super happy, other times she was worried about something, often the judge.  In the end, we accomplished more than I ever expect to and she still likes to go out and run jumpers once in a while, her favorite class.  Bliss taught me many lessons about working with worried dogs, perseverence and patience. She is as loyal and loving as a dog can be, always wanting to be by my side. She's my constant shadow and loves nothing more than to run and hike.  Oh wait, and EAT!